Industries Served

With over 300,000 staffing companies in America, we didn’t want to be a group similar to one “you’ve already worked with”. We spotted an underserved area and determined that we can find exceptional talent that other organizations overlook. Your organization needs people, and they may not be the 150k developer, but finding the $15/hour person at a reasonable rate is now possible now. Our mission is to bridge the gap between employers and the right candidates around health, empowering your business through compliance and cost-savings. Home Healthcare, Personal Care Teams, Outpatient Facilities, and Schools love us.

Home Health Care

At Intercom Staffing, we understand the critical importance of a consistent and qualified healthcare workforce. That’s why we partner with healthcare companies to offer a reliable supply of long-term care professionals, including CNAs, Direct Care/Personal Care Workers, and proficient RNs. Allowing you to streamline your operations while ensuring top-quality care.

Skilled Nursing

Empowering Education Through Strategic Staffing. Intercom Staffing partners with outpatient and rehabilitation facilities to provide staffing solutions that enhance the quality of care of residents and improve worker numbers. From nurses to administrators, we’re here to support your institution’s growth and success. Within two weeks, you could have the 

Public Schools

Crafting Successful Futures with Top Talent. Our specialized staffing and training solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of charter schools. Let us help you build a strong foundation for your student’s success.

Non-Profit Organizations

Driving Impact Through Exceptional Teams. Non-profit organisations play a crucial role in our communities. Our services are designed to help you build efficient, dedicated teams that amplify your organization’s impact.

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