About us

We are the lifeline for the growing geriatrics population in America. Rehabilitation facilities and home healthcare agencies rely on us to pair caring professionals with their residents and clients. 

The biggest thing that differentiates Intercom from any other staffing agency is our ability to connect with people of all levels of USA society, and share the message that within ones’ day, time can be carved out to care for another individual.

From College Students and Professors, Family Members and Housewives, Full-Time Workers, and Neighbors, we help communities make sense of how they can incorporate helping others into their current lifestyle. And it has been proven that helping others improves mental health and wellbeing. So with our trekking shoes on, we spread a mental health message, a financial message, and a longevity message that speaks to the heart of our employees.

On the other end, with employers, we know that we can now predict employee attrition using features such as employee job satisfaction, distance from work, compensation, and performance. So we know that when we tip any one of these scales in your favor (which we do) – the result is a stronger team for you.

So, as we embrace our 7 years into the industry (and 700 more to go), we invite you to reach out and arrange a 30-60 meeting to determine if our services are right for growing your team and keeping you in compliance.

Our Journey

Intercom Staffing was born from the vision of a staffing professional who recognized a gap in the staffing industry and constructed a unique approach to talent acquisition and development. Over the years, we have partnered with diverse businesses to elevate employee retention and secure top-tier talent, without the high price tag. 

Meet Our Team

Schedule a call with us! We are eager to learn from you and fill gaps where needed. With a wealth of experience in talent acquisition, compensation analysis, training, and HR consulting, we are here to listen, share, and transform.

Our Vision

At Intercom Staffing, we strive to be a powerhouse of process improvement. Our goal is to put the right tools and strategies necessary in place for your organization to reach its full potential and achieve sustained success. 

Why Choose Us

Tailored Solutions

We use data to drive our decisions. And some is qualitative! Your data is different from the next organization. YOU are different from other decision-makers. So, because what YOU need is the focus - our solution is catered to you and your team.

Untouched Talent Network

Our technique for finding talent is our secret sauce. Our team is fully entrenched in Greater Philadelphia communities; we know where to find the people you need - and hint - it's not on job boards.


Our technique for finding talent is our secret sauce. Fully entrenched in the Greater Philadelphia community, we know where to find the people you need - and hint - it's not on job boards.

Career Advancers

We're used to people asking us "where have you been my whole life?" because they like the improvement they see in themselves. The truth is, if we are really doing our job, then your job is going to get easier. And with greater ease of mind you can focus on other things. Ask us how we collaborate with our clients, and you'll understand.

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